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Papers 2001-2013



JAARGANG 2012-2013





Lippenyi, Zoltan & Theodor Gerber

Occupational Mobility and Market Transition: The Capital, Autonomy, Power, and Education (CAPE) Model in Hungary. pdf


Sondergaard, Johanne

Growing Apart or Growing Together? Support for Shared-Earning and Shared-Caring in the EU between 1990 and 2008. pdf



Mariska van der Horst

Linked lives: The influence of own and partners’ work and family aspirations on women’s earnings. TO BE REQUESTED FROM AUTHOR.


Agnieszka Kanas, Peer Scheepers & Carl Sterkens

Interreligious Contacts and Attitudes towards the Religious Out-groups: Contact Hypothesis and Selectivity Bias in Southeast Asia. pdf



Jaap Dronkers & Nils Kornder

Differences between the relative educational performance of 15-year old daughters and sons of migrants and the gender inequality in countries of origin and destination. pdf


Matthijs Kalmijn

Differences in family structure between immigrants groups and consequences for children’s wellbeing pdf







JAARGANG 2011-2012



Lieselotte Blommaert, Marcel Coenders & Frank van Tubergen

An internet based field experiment on ethnic discrimination in employment: Examining different phases in the recruitment process op te vragen bij auteur


Heike Schröder & Harry B.G. Ganzeboom,

The Comparative Measurement of Level of Education in the ISSP – An Assessment and Application of the ISLED Scale pdf




Zoltan Lippenyi, Ineke Maas & Marco H.D. van Leeuwen

Did industrialization have an impact on social mobility in Hungary? Industrialization and social stratification in dual societies.  pdf


Natascha Notten, Bram Lancee, Herman van de Werfhorst (& Harry Ganzeboom)

Cognitive Competency and Signalling Status. A Study Of Cultural Participation In Comparative Perspective pdf




Thijs Bol & Kim Weeden

Occupational Closure and Wage Inequality in Germany and the United Kingdom pdf


Micha Keijer, Ineke Nagel & Aart C. Liefbroer

Effecten van culturele en economische hulpbronnen op toekomstverwachtingen van adolescenten pdf


Kea Tijdens, Esther de Ruijter & Judith de Ruijter

Inside occupations: comparing the task descriptions of 160 occupations across eight EU member states pdf


Harry Ganzeboom & Tamira Sno

Sociale mobiliteit en statusverwerving van Surinamers in Suriname en Surinamers in Nederland pdf


Janine Huisman & Jeroen Smits

How do living conditions influence the effect of parental education on primary school enrollment? Evidence from 46 African countries. pdf


Irma Mooi-Reci, Anna Manzoni & Cees Elzinga

The career disadvantage of unemployment: cumulating, persisting or accelerating? pdf


JAARGANG 2010-2011



Wiebke Schulz, Ineke Maas & Marco van Leeuwen

Occupational career attainment during modernization: the influence of modernization processes on career success in Dutch municipalities, 1865-1940. pdf


Ellen Verbakel

Subjective well-being of single, dating, cohabiting, married, divorced, and widowed people and its dependence on the normative climate in 45 European countries. pdf


Jaap Dronkers, Rolf van der Velden & Allison Dunne

The effects of educational systems, school-composition, curriculum-level, parental background and immigrants’ origins on the achievement of 15-years old native and immigrant students. A reanalysis of PISA 2006. pdf





Marloes de Lange, Jaap Dronkers en Maarten Wolbers


Single-parent Family Forms and Educational Performance in a Cross-Comparative Perspective: Effects of School’s Share of Single-Parent Families. pdf


Thijs Bol & Herman van de Werfhorst

How Education Became Positional. The effects of educational expansion on the labor market function of education. pdf



Katia Begall & Melinda Mills

The Impact of Occupation and Occupational Sex Segregation on Fertility in the Netherlands. pdf


Carolina Zuccotti, Harry Ganzeboom & Ayse Güveli

Status Attainment and Social Mobility of Turks in Western Europe. pdf


Bart Bakker

Het vaststellen van de validiteit van registervariabelen. (pdf)


Jaap Dronkers

Positieve maar ook negatieve effecten van etnische diversiteit in scholen op onderwijsprestaties? Een empirische toets met internationale PISA-data (pdf) / Positive but also negative effects of ethnic diversity in schools on educational performance? An empirical test using cross-national PISA data. (pdf)


JAARGANG 2009-2010


Jornt Mandemakers & Christiaan Monden

Does educational level modify the effect of involuntary job loss on well-being? pdf


Harry B.G. Ganzeboom

Status measures for the new International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-08; with a discussion of of the new classification. pdf Appendix pdf



Ruben van Gaalen & Frank Linder

De eerste de beste? De broer/zus netwerkstructuur en -positie en maatschappelijk succes. pdf


Herman van de Werfhorst & Rüya Gökhan Koçer

Legitimation of inequality and the role of educational systems: A joint mean & dispersion model. pdf



Marloes de Lange, Maurice Gesthuizen & Maarten Wolbers

Trends in Labor Market Precarity among Dutch Youth: the Impact of Economic Globalization on Educational Differences. pdf


Stéfanie André, Jaap Dronkers & Ariana Need

To vote or not to vote? Electoral participation of immigrants from different countries of origin in 24 European countries of destination pdf


Bianca Suanet

Informal and formal care use among older adults in Europe: can country-differences be explained by societal context and composition?

Heike Schröder & Harry Ganzeboom

Measuring and modeling education levels in European societies pdf


Anja Abendroth, Tanja van der Lippe & Ineke Maas

Social Support and Working Hours of Employed Mothers in Europe. The relevance of the state, the workplace, and the family

Eva Jaspers & Ellen Verbakel

Gender roles and economic efficiency as motivations for work hours of same-sex and opposite-sex couples in the Netherlands


JAARGANG 2008-2009


03-06-2009    Chip Huisman, Herman van der Werfhorst & Karin Monshouwer

Adolescent substance use in the Netherlands: Effects of education and school composition


Maarten Buis

The consequences of unobserved heterogeneity in a sequential logit model


18-03-2009    Ineke Maas & Richard L. Zijdeman

Beyond the local marriage market. The influence of modernization on geographical homogamy


Irma Mooi-Reci & Harry Ganzeboom

The Scarring Effects of Unemployment: Evidence from the Netherlands, 1980-2000 


21-01-2009    Carlo Barone & Herman van der Werfhorst

Education, Cognitive Skills and Earnings in Comparative Perspective


Mark Levels, Ariana Need, Nan Dirk de Graaf & David Armstrong

Induced Abortion in 13 European Countries between 1958 and 1999


19-11-2008    Maike van Damme & Matthijs Kalmijn

The dynamic relationships between role specialization, separation, and women's post-separation employment: A life-history analysis of 10 countries


Angélique Janssens, Maaike Messelink & Ariana Need

Faulty Genes or Faulty Parents? Gender, Family and Survival in Early and Late Childhood in the Netherlands, 1860-1900 


25-09-2008     Maurice Gesthuizen, Heike Solga & Ralf Künster.

Labor Market Vulnerability of Low-Educated People: A Cross-National Comparison


Richard Breen, Ruud Luijkx, Walter Müller & Reinhard Pollak.

Long term trends in educational inequality in Europe:  class inequalities and gender differences


JAARGANG 2007-2008



25-06-2008    Tim Huijts, Christiaan Monden en Gerbert Kraaykamp

Spouse's education, educational heterogamy at the country level, and self-assessed health in Europe

Jornt Mandemakers, Christaan Monden en Matthijs Kalmijn

Does a happy childhood buffer the effects of negative life events? An exploration of the moderating effects of adverse childhood circumstances and parental resources.

09-04-2008    Melinda Mills en Katia Begall

Parental Gender Preferences and Fertility Behaviour in Europe

Janine Huisman en Jeroen Smits

Household and district level determinants of secondary school enrolment in 30 developing countries

30-01-2008    Nicole Tieben, Paul de Graaf en Nan Dirk de Graaf

Changing effects of family background on transitions to secondary education in the Netherlands. Consequences of educational expansion and reform

Annika Smits
Family and housing value. Does the value of housing run in families?

28-11-2007    Jeroen Smits en Christiaan Monden
Length of Life Inequality Around the Globe: Within and Between Country Differences Disclosed and Decomposed.

Rianne Kloosterman, Stijn Ruiter, Paul de Graaf en Gerbert Kraaykamp

Parental education, ability and the transition to higher secondary education. Trends in primary and secondary effects over five Dutch school cohorts (1965-1999).


19-09-2007    Natascha Notten en Gerbert Kraaykamp

What harm can TV do? A study of the effects of media socialization in the parental home on educational attainment
Ineke Nagel, Marie-Louise Damen en Folkert Haanstra
The effects of a new art course in Dutch secondary education on cultural participation, two to six years after completion.



JAARGANG 2006-2007



20-6-2007      Rene Veenstra

Truancy in Late Elementary and Early Secondary Education: The Influence of Social Bonds and Self-Control

Maarten Wolbers en Ruud Luijkx

The effects of early career instability on later employment prospects of individuals in the Netherlands.

17-4-2007      Stijn Ruiter en Nan Dirk de Graaf

Socioeconomic Payoffs of Voluntary Association Involvement: A Dutch Life Course Study

Jim Allen, Lourdes Badillo-Amado en Rolf van der Velden
Wage Effects of Job-Worker Mismatches: Heterogeneous Skills or Institutional Effects?


31-01-2007    Maarten Buis

Not all transitions are equal. The effect of differences between men and women in educational expansion on the differences in inequality of educational opportunity

Ariana Need, Wout Ultee, Mark Levels & Marike van Tienen

Abortion attitudes in Western Europe, 1981-2000

15-11-2006    Anne-Rigt Poortman

Family Structure and Family Solidarity: The Role of Stepchildren for Ties Between Partners, Family Members and Kin.

Ellen Verbakel, Ruud Luijkx en Paul de Graaf

The association between the occupations of husbands and wives in the Netherlands

 19-9-2006     Paul de Graaf en Maurice Gesthuizen

Neighborhoods and poverty transitions.
The intermediating influence of changes in household characteristics

Irma Reci

Unemployment Insurance Benefits- Trap or Bridge?
Longitudinal Evidence from the Netherlands 1985-2000.



JAARGANG 2005-2006



20-6-2006        Jochem Tolsma, Ariana Need en Uulkje de Jong

Ethnic and Gender Educational Differentials: New Empirical Tests for Rational Action Theory

Herman van de Werfhorst

Productive Skills, Positional Good, or Social Closure? The Role of Education across Structural-Institutional Labor Market Settings


5-4-2006        Jannes de Vries en Harry Ganzeboom
Hoe meet ik beroep?
Open en gesloten vragen naar beroep toegepast in statusverwervingsonderzoek

Richard Zijdeman

Status attainment through marriage during industrialisation, Zeeland ca 1811-1918


11-1-2006      Wouter van Gils, Gerbert Kraaykamp en Wout Ultee
Cultural participation from a couple perspective. an elaboration of research questions

Christiaan Monden en Matthijs Kalmijn

The division of labor and health outcomes at the couple level: equity or specialization?


9-11-2005      Ruud van der Meulen

Alle Menschen werden Bruder' Het sportverenigingsleven als de kleurenwisser van Nederland?

Matthijs Kalmijn en Gerbert Kraaykamp

Social stratification and values. A comparative analysis of class and education in Europe.


 7-9-2005       Martin Kreidl, Harry Ganzeboom en Donald Treiman

Trends in occupational returns to education. a comparative perspective

Francesca Michielin en Clara Mulder
Fertility choices of couples and relocations in the life course


JAARGANG 2004-2005

8-6-2005        Maurice Gesthuizen

Low education and occupational disadvantage. Educational differences in the pay off of job-searching activities and types and reasons of mobility

Richard Breen, Ruud Luijkx, Walter Muller, Reinhard Pollak

Non-Persistent Inequality in Educational Attainment. Evidence from six European countries


30-3-2005      Frank van Tubergen en Ineke Maas

Migration and Intermarriage in the Netherlands: An Analysis of Census Data


Ellen Verbakel en Paul de Graaf

Developments in the labor market supply of couples in the Netherlands


26-1-2005      Maarten Wolbers

De relatie tussen arbeidsmarktintegratie en gezinsvorming onder hoogopgeleide jongeren in Europa

Ayse Guveli 

Intergenerational mobility patterns of the new social classes within the service class in the Netherlands


10-11-2004    Gerbert Kraaykamp

Full-time Working and Sex Role Attitudes. An Analysis of Trends


Matthijs Kalmijn en Jeroen Vermunt
Multidimensional homogeneity of social networks. A multilevel analysis of the role of age and marital status


29-9-2004      Jeroen Smits

Effects of family background characteristics on educational participation in Turkey, 1978-1998.

Maarten Buis en Harry Ganzeboom

Long term trends in inequality of educational opportunity in the Netherlands 1990-2000. New data and new models: new insights?


JAARGANG 2003-2004


16-6-2004      Jannes de Vries, Nan Dirk de Graaf en Rob Eisinga

Biases in the effects of parental background on voting

Bart Bakker en Paulien Giesbertz
De maatschappelijke integratie van Allochtonen. Huwelijkspatronen op basis van registratiegegevens

24-3-2004      Ellen Verbakel en Paul de Graaf
Contacten tussen broers en zussen. de invloed van preferenties, restricties en homogeniteit

Geert Driessen

De taalsituatie van Caribische en Mediterrane migranten. Ontwikkelingen in taalvaardigheid en taalkeuzes in Antilliaanse, Surinaamse, Turkse en Marokkaanse gezinnen gedurende de periode 1995-2003


28-1-2004      Ineke Nagel

Effecten van oude en nieuwe statusgroepen op culturele loopbanen van jong volwassenen


Maurice Gesthuizen

Lower education and labor market success: a dynamic analysis


19-11-2003 Don Weenink

Internationalized Bilingual Education And The Reproduction Of Cosmopolitanism

Matthijs Kalmijn en Ruud Luijkx

The reciprocal relationship between life-course transitions and men's employment histories


17-9-2003        Johan Hanssen

Job mobility of men and women: types of job shifts within and between organizations

Rolf van der Velden
How selection in education affects labour market outcomes


JAARGANG 2002-2003


25-6-2003      Frank van Tubergen, Ineke Maas en Henk Flap

The Economic Performance of Immigrants in 18 Western Societies: Origin, Destination, and Setting Effects

Anne-Rigt Poortman en Theo van Tilburg
Past experiences and older adults' attitudes: a life course perspective.

8-4-2003         Paul de Graaf en Maarten Wolbers

Sociale herkomst, examencijfers en studiekeuze in het hoger onderwijs


Tamar Fischer

Educational attainment and the age of leaving home after parental divorce. A test of the loss of resources theory for the Netherlands


4-2-2003        Herman van de Werfhorst

Trends in the effects of education on occupational outcome 1972-2000. Differences across measurements and across time periods


Gerbert Kraaykamp en Koen van Eijck
Personality, media use and cultural preferences

26-11-2002    Jannes de Vries en Paul de Graaf

The quality of retrospective data in research on status attainment

Ineke Nagel en Harry Ganzeboom

Participation in high culture: the effects of family and school from adolescence to adulthood. 


18-9-2002   Wilfred Uunk, Matthijs Kalmijn en Ruud Muffels

The impact of children on women’s labor supply in Europe. A reassessment of the role of welfare state arrangements'

Kea Tijdens

Employers' and employees' preferences for working time reduction and working time differentiation. A study of the 36 hours working week in the Dutch banking industry

JAARGANG 2001-2002


19-6-2002   Maarten Wolbers

Learning and working: Double statusses in youth transitions in Europe

Peteke Feijten

Effects of household events on home-ownership over the life course: temporary or lasting?"


24-4-2002      Nan-Dirk de Graaf en Paul de Graaf

Parental resources and choices in educational careers in the Netherlands

Sandra Beekhoven

Different courses, different students, same results? An examination of differences in study progress of students in different courses

6-2-2002        Rolf van der Velden

Educational Systems and Transition Outcomes. A Conceptual Framework


Ineke Maas

Women's Careers in West-Germany and the Netherlands. The Effects of Interrupting and Part-time Work

28-11-2001    Maarten van Ham

Job Access at Labour Market Entry and Occupational Achievement in the Life Course

Christiaan Monden
Who quits, when and why? Sociological explanations of smoking cessation over the life course


26-9-2001      Maurice Gesthuizen en Paul de Graaf

Laag opgeleiden op de Nederlandse arbeidsmarkt. wat vertellen de arbeidsmarktonderzoeken 1960-1998?

Anne Rigt Poortman

Wife's work and divorce: a matter of anticipation?