ISSP 2009: Social Inequality IV


Module 2009 of the International Social Survey Programme will be Social Inequality IV. It replicates earlier modules on the topic that were held in 1987, 1992 and 1999. The questionnaire is currently under construction by a drafting group that is constituted by ISSP representatives from Australia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands (convenor) and the United States.


The drafting group has prepared an integrated documentation about the three previous Social Inequality modules, and a corresponding harmonized data file. The aim of this is to allow for rigorous reanalysis of existing items and (later) the trend analysis of all four issues. The ISSP rules hold that a new module needs to contain 40 old items at a minimum and can have 20 new items at a maximum. New items need to be pre-tested before they can be included into the module.


Data-set and documentation are available by clicking in the links below. We have harmonized all variable names by choosing topical names. The documentation specifies the correspondence between the new names and the old variable names in the existing datafiles of the three previous Social Inequality modules. The dataset contains the harmonized data, but also all the original data. The system of harmonization us:

         A-variables: asked in 1987

         B-variables: asked in 1992

         C-variables: asked in 1999

         AHEAD etc.: Harmonized variable names

In addition, information for COUNTRY and WAVE was added.


         Access to the data-documentation (pdf-file) (revised April 2 2007)

         Access to the data for modules 1987-1992-1999 (spss sav file in zip format) (revised April 3 2007)

         Access to pretest 2008 data.

         Draft questionnaire proposed to ISSP General Assembly, April 2008.


For further information: H.B.G.Ganzeboom@