International Social Survey Programme

Last update: June 5, 2014


The International Social Survey Programme [ISSP] is a long running international project to collect comparative social attitudes data, using a short questionnaire (60 items) on an annually renewed topic. The project has started in 1985 with 5 countries and now covers more than 40 countries around the world. The Netherlands has participated as of 1987. Since 2003, Harry Ganzeboom, on behalf of VU University, has acted as the Netherlands national representative and has collected the ISSP-NL data by means of a postal survey. External funds have been obtained from the Social and Cultural Planning Office [SCP], Norface and NWO. For the ISSP-NL survey, Ganzeboom collaborates with ISSP-researchers in Belgium and Suriname.


ISSP-NL is run as a postal survey, usually combining two ISSP modules in a combined fieldwork.


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