Harry Ganzeboom’s Tools for ESS






Ganzeboom, Harry B.G. (2013), “ISCO-88 Codes for Parental Occupations in the European Social Survey, Rounds 1-2-3-4-5” [machine readable data file]. Amsterdam: VU-University [distributor]. Version 1 (July 18, 2013). Download zipfile.



·         The file is sorted by CNTRY, ESSROUND, IDNO. Makes sure that your main data file is sorted in the same way.

·         SPSS syntax: match files /file=* in=main /file = ”ess12345_fmisko.sav” in=fmisko / by CNTRY ESSROUND IDNO.

·         Check your match using crosstabs main by fmisko. Potential problems and solutions:

o   Duplicate IDNO within countries – disregard (should be 16 cases).

o   Mismatch in length of CNTRY. This should be A2 before matching. Use: alter type cntry (a2).

o   Different alphabetical sort on CNTRY in some spss-versions for Switzerland (CH) – be creative.

o   No match for France – you are using old versions of main data.



Last revised: July 18, 2013.